Biomedical Engineering Competition 2019


The Biomedical Engineering Competition (BMEC) is an annual event organized by CUBE. Each year we present students with a problem relevant to different fields of biomedical engineering and prompt teams to devise innovative solutions to target the problem. Students are encouraged to employ critical thinking and utilize the engineering design process while coming up with potential solutions. Some of our past projects include designing an automated pipette! BMEC invites judges from industry and research backgrounds and provides a platform for future biomedical engineers to share their ideas. Winning teams will receive a cash prize and recognition for their project. We look forward to seeing you engineer at BMEC 2019!

Come out to CUBE’s annual Biomedical Engineering Competition taking place on Friday, March 1, 2019. BMEC is an opportunity to get creative and hands-on by designing your own solution to a biomedical problem while considering technical, business, and regulatory aspects. BMEC is designed for students across all disciplines of engineering interested in biomedical engineering. Whether you are an EngSci, Chem, MSE, ECE, Mech, T1, or other disciplines, BMEC is a great place for you to get a taste of today’s biomedical engineering problems.


Event Details


Orientation Day – March 1, 2019 || Time: 6:00 p.m. || Place: GB119

Competition Day – March 3, 2019 || Time: 9:00 a.m. || Place: MS2170



To register for the competition, please complete the sign-up form here. Please read instructions very carefully while completing the form. For more details in the future regarding the competition, stay tuned to our Facebook event page found here.

Participants can register for the competition in groups of either 3 or 4 competitors, and only 1 registration is required per team.

Note: While registering, you will have the option of selecting how many team members you have. If you are a solo entry or a team of two, you will be partnered with other participants. If you are a team of three, you may or may not have an additional fourth member added to your team

A team deposit of $20 is required after registration on Eventbrite to secure your spot for BMEC 2019. If you would like to pay in cash instead, please contact us at

The last day to submit your deposit is: Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 6PM

The first 15 teams to pay will have their spots secure, and the remaining teams will be on the waitlist in the order of sign up. $20 from the deposit will be returned by the end of the competition. (the tax of $2.23 is also reimbursed).

*More details regarding the design competition are to come. Stay tuned*

For any questions or concerns you may have, please contact us at:

Check out BMEC 2014 here