What is CUBE?
CUBE (Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering) is a student-run club with over 600 members, whose mandate is to promote biomedical engineering at the undergraduate level. Our goal is to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the biomedical field as well as to serve as a point of contact between students, researchers and industry. If you have a passion for biomedical engineering or are interested in learning more about biomedical engineering (including opportunities in industry and academia), CUBE is the club for you!

What kind of events does CUBE host?
We host a variety of events, including:
– Information sessions on the latest research in the fields of biomedical engineering, medicine and biotechnology
– Speaker seminars that bring together both industry leaders and academic researchers
– Tours of various academic and industry hospitals and laboratories
– Workshops to learn important wet lab and dry lab skills in biomedical engineering
– An annual biomedical engineering design competition

How do I join CUBE’s general membership?
Join our mailing list to be part of our general membership: you can access the form here. You can also contact us via email (cube@g.skule.ca), Facebook (@CUBE.Skule), or Instagram (@cube.skule).

Do I have to attend all CUBE events?
You can attend as few or as many events as you like! We will send out newsletters and post information on our social media before any events.

How do I join CUBE’s executive team?
You can become more involved in the planning and running of CUBE events as a Junior Executive on our executive team (by indicating interest on our general membership sign-up or by emailing us). Come visit us at clubs fair, and/or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on everything that goes on at CUBE related to joining the exec team.

What if I don’t have prior knowledge of biomedical engineering? Can I still join CUBE and attend events if I’m not a student in the biomedical or engineering faculty?
Yes and yes! CUBE welcomes students from all disciplines and years with various backgrounds to join our general membership and junior executive team.

I will be learning remotely outside of Toronto for the school year. Can I still participate in CUBE events?
YES! CUBE will be hosting online events throughout the year – you can participate in most events wherever you are.

What if we have more questions?
Please email them to cube@g.skule.ca.