2023-24 Clubs Fair

CUBE attended the UTSU and EngSoc clubs fair on September 6th 2023! We had a BME-themed Jeopardy board set up and also gave an info-session about CUBE in the afternoon!

2021-22 Lab Workshop #4: Cell Culture

CUBE hosted its fourth successful workshop of the year, where participants learned the fundamentals of cell culture, including pipetting techniques, observing culture flasks under a microscope, trypsinizing cells, and counting cells using trypan blue. Stay tuned for many more exciting workshops at CUBE next year!

2021-22 Lab Workshop #2: DNA Extraction, Endpoint PCR, and Gel Electrophoresis

CUBE hosted its second in-person workshop of the year, where students learned the fundamentals of DNA extraction, including micropipetting techniques, endpoint PCR, and gel electrophoresis. Stay tuned to our mailing list for future in-person workshop opportunities to develop your biomedical engineering lab skills!

2019-20 Networking Session with Mcgill

CUBE welcomed biomedical engineering students from McGill with IBBME faculty and grad students. We are so glad to have connected with the broader biomedical community!

2019-20 CUBE's Guide to Research

Curious about how to land that first or maybe second research experience? Our guide to research seminar talks about the various local research opportunities that are available to you, how to go about and organize yourself for “cold emailing” profs, help you touch up your resume and cover letter, and much more!

2019-20 Academic Opportunities Seminar

Interested in research but don’t know where to look? Hear about undergraduate research from different perspectives at CUBE's academic opportunities seminar! Our panelists this year: Paul Santerre, Katheryn Rothenberg, and Sayan Faraz.

2019-20 PEY Panel

Are you a third year or second year student looking for PEY positions? CUBE's PEY panel invites upper year students to share their biomedical PEY experiences. From how to ace an interview, how to secure a position to tips on work-life balance, all you want to know is at our PEY panel!

2019-20 Lab Skills Workshop

Every year, CUBE hosts a series of lab skills workshops, aiming to provide students with hands-on experiences in a lab setting. This year, we introduced how to perform serial dilution with proper pipetting techniques in the first session. Stay tuned for more sessions to come!

2019-20 Annual General Meeting

The first event of the year! We hope that you learned more about the new events CUBE has for this year while enjoying delicious doughnuts and hot chocolate 🙂

2019-20 SKULE Clubs Fair

CUBE had a bright afternoon with our clubs fair booth at Bahen Centre, talking to enthusiastic frosh about our goals and events. Did you like our biomed themed Jeopardy game? CUBE is ready for this new school year!

2018-19 BMEC

The Biomedical Engineering Competition is an annual event organized by CUBE, where undergraduate students are tasked with working towards solving an industrially, healthcare, or research relevant biomedical engineering problem. Last year, the competing teams were challenged to create an engineering design that protects children with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA). CIPA is a rare sensory neuropathy that presents early in life.